Guys, I’mgoing to WALES!

just booked my tickets to see my best friend and long time email penpal who I’ve never officially met—we are super. duper. excited. in 2 weeks!!! after I get back from Scotland!!!! What even is my life!!! Ahhh I’ve always wanted to go to Wales it’s actually happening… HOWL AND YOUR AWESOME MOVING CASTLE, I AM COMING FOR YA

i thought i could tough it out 2 more nights with my mental, disrespectful, absolutely crazy roommates but they decided to leave with a bang LITERALLY what sounded like 10 drunk people ran into my flat screaming and ran down the hall and jumped on ALL the balloons at the end of it and were screaming profanities at each other and slamming against our walls which are incredibly thin..

did i mention its past 2am. there are no words to describe how angry disrespectful people are… have a fun time but there is a line especially when i have specifically asked for some reasonable quieter time before. i am sick to flipping death of this.