…live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

Ephesians 4:1b

Dia duit! I’m Paige, I live in Northern Ireland and aim to follow Christ with my whole heart. He has lead me on this marvelous adventure and I am loving it!

Currently at university in Northern Ireland for Irish Cultural studies, but I’ll graduate from uni in the southeast U.S. with a double bachelor’s in Graphic Design and Studio Art.

I’m a Christian, and my life… even though it’s not perfect and I’m far from perfect. With all my different interests, I have no idea where I’ll end up, but I know that I want to help people and serve Christ… and travel… so it could be anywhere in the world! Ireland has always had a massive part of my heart though so maybe I’ll be back. 

I’ve been in Ireland since September, Northern Ireland to be exact which means I’m technically in the UK as well. However I live near the border of Donegal which is one of the most beautiful counties in Ireland so I try and get over there a bit as well as travel around as much as I can. Yes, I have experienced Saint Patrick’s day in Ireland and it was awesome, have been to London and have plans to travel Scotland/England/Wales and around the rest of my beautiful Republic until June 2014. 

Besides travel and the outdoors, I usually enjoy reading, running, zumba-ing, painting, drawing, designing, writing, hiking, surfing (when able), enjoying walking around my city with friends, and laughing a lot. 

And my most favourite and special passion: horseback riding. Always have been a horse fanatic, always will be. Uni has gotten in the way of most of my equine related activities but my summers are filled with trail rides and fun. I’ve ridden English since I was 6 but have tried out many disciplines and love them all! Natural horsemanship is my style and I love 3 day eventing and dressage. I’ve owned one horse… plans for more once I graduate!
P.S. Horseback riding in Ireland (see below) IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST. 

If it were possible to get a full degree in Tolkien studies and anything related to his world, I’d be doing it right now. I love the books, movies, you name it… I also happen to be buddies with one of the dwarves from the Hobbit. WHAT?! You say! Yes, James Nesbitt is the chancellor of my university here in Northern Ireland since he’s from the area. And he’s just as nice as can be.


Back to Tolkien—I love mythology as well, particularly since he used so much of it in his writing. I may also spend too much of what should be essay time researching connections between Celtic myth and Middle Earth. Everyone needs one nerdy hobby! I also love Howl’s Moving Castle (the book!!), the Queen’s Thief series, C.S. Lewis, Charles Dickens, George Orwell, Oscar Wilde, Brave New World, The Three Musketeers, Sherlock (the original books + the BBC show + the movies), Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, Jane Austen… on and on and on.

(yes, C.S. Lewis was born in Belfast, and yes, this is his house)

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

- JRR Tolkien

I love my wandering life and if you want to strike up a conversation, ask a question about study abroad/Ireland and NI/traveling/speaking Irish, talk about Tolkien, my ask box is open!

If you’ve read this far… I’m just gonna keep writing random lists of stuff I like. All Creatures Great and Small, Ballykissangel, Chuck, Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis, Downton Abbey, Little Dorrit, Sherlock, Merlin, The Musketeers, Parks and Recreation, Midnight in Paris, The Artist, The Princess Bride, Star Wars, Toy Story, anything Pixar, The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Psych, Firefly, Bravest Warriors, Adventure Time, Spongebob, Total Wipeout, Graceland, Endeavour…

Bastille, Phillip Phillips, Celtic Thunder, Mánran, Mumford and Sons, The Avett Brothers, Churchill, Kodaline, Relient K, Vampire Weekend, Caro Emerald, the Glenn Miller Band, Jack Johnson, Olly Murs, Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers, Avicii, Owl City, Freelance Whales, Panic! At the Disco, Sanctus Real, Coldplay, Andy Grammer, tobyMac, Sontas, The Oh Hello’s, Ben Rector, Indelible Grace, Ed Sheeran, Sara Bareilles, Of Monsters and Men… (in no particular order)